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Intuitive Readings

 Steven Ross

Psychic - Energy Healer - Minister

Each Session Touches the Deepest Parts of Your Life Story.

Readings Virtual or In-Person 

Schedule a Reading with Steven
or text - 512-709-1488

Steven has guided me to find immense peace and understanding through so much upheaval - Katie B.

Gain Clarity - Clear Blocks - Receive Comfort

Steven’s loving approach to psychic life readings will leave you feeling uplifted and seeing your life path ahead with greater perspective. 


Simply share your name and permission with Steven and his spirit guides speak to you through words and images. Intuitions are nuggets of wisdom that break through the fog and speak to the deepest of situations. The Guides, as he calls them, are loving, friendly and always compassionate, no matter your past.

Intuitive readings provide life guidance from the soul and higher Self. 

Expect to receive the gifts of insight, clear energetic blockages, and uncover a pathway of how to live your life harmoniously.

Suggested Cost - $150 
Virtual on Zoom or In person at Studio Satya in Austin. 

Your intuitive life reading may include:

- Perspective on your current situation

- Clear guidance to problems/challenges you face

- Your questions answered on any area of your life

- Professional and organizational issues

- Find ways to harmonize any relationship

- Learn life lessons and karmic possibilities

- Comfort from a renewal of your life's purpose

- Tools and tips to be healthy and happy

- Ways to feel more spiritual and connected

Intuitive Message from Steven's Guides

We honor every soul who seeks loving counsel.
We speak only what needs to be heard.
We see each of you as returning to wholeness. We are your friends and guides on the journey. We bow to you.  


My work with Steven continues to carry me and expand me through a difficult time.  Steven has special gifts and a breadth of knowledge that both guides and supports--opening and expanding me to receive practices and experiences that I would not have otherwise obtained.  His approach comes from a place of deep compassion and is given in a gentle, clear and caring manner. I am very grateful for our on-going work together.

Dale Poppert

Steven is an extraordinary being on this earth - his deep deep knowledge of the spiritual realm and various belief systems combined with his warmth, empathy and emotional intelligence make him stand out as someone who not only guides but also offer groundbreaking teachings.   Steven has accompanied my spiritual path over the years - offering insights, book recommendations for further education and mediation routines.  He is a truly trustworthy and intelligent guide - and a wonderful spiritual teacher and friend to have!

Helene Keech

Through his profound intuitive sessions, Steven Ross has played a major role in my spiritual journey. The last few years have brought so much upheaval, and Steven has guided me to find immense peace and understanding through all of it. His deep presence, intuition and incredible compassion have helped me create huge shifts in my own attunement, become more open, and move forward from grief I was struggling to let go of -- both new, and long-standing. He's helped me heal family trauma, become more connected to my purpose, and create new possibilities for so many areas of life. I will forever be grateful for Steven's divine gifts! 

Katie B

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