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Online Community

Become a part of a spiritual community today. Our private community connects you to weekly teachings, regular support and fellowship. It is a safe place to explore, reach out to others and be inspired.  Our monthly membership fee is only $18 - enjoy your first month free!

"Spiritual Living School has become my replacement for social media. Steven and Jenny provide relevant and meaningful content that further my growth and spark my interest in spiritual topics. I enjoy the events and meetings, connecting with like-minded people, all led by compassionate and knowledgeable teachers. Victoria
We recognize every person as a divine friend, a fellow human being who has innate light as well as shadow.  
We honor everyone's uniqueness knowing that we are all different, with our own journey and spiritual path to follow.
Our life view and teachings come from a place of love and interconnection.
There is a place for all of us. 
Namaste - we honor you
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