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What We Offer

Deep in the heart of Texas lies a sanctuary of peace, where healing, Self-discovery and connection awaits. Curated by insightful guides and gifted healers, you will leave with perspective, practices and a plan to walk your life's path

Programs - coming soon!


Coming in early 2024 you can visit us for day and weekend intentional programs. 



Receive guidance for your spiritual life, personal healing and journey of awakening

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Intuitive Mediumship

  • Practice Instruction

  • Ministry

Retreats & Events


Immerse yourself in a peaceful haven for a place of inner pilgrimage. 

Online Community


Sign up for immediate support, participate in live classes and enjoy our library of teachings.

  • Connect with like minded people

  • Get inspired and deepen your practice

  • Ask questions and get involved

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide authentic teachings, counsel and community for the spiritually inclined.  The practical teachings we offer are rooted in yogic wisdom, meditation, universal truths and mystical insight. Embrace the journey of Self-discovery and learn to live the teachings. 


We invite you to walk the path before you. Know that everyone can experience divine presence.  Our intention is to stand alongside you in a spirit of support and friendship. 

~ Co-Directors, Jenny Fairbank and Steven Ross

Upcoming Events

Join us in the Texas Hill Country for in-person retreats and our monthly Sacred Sunday open house. 


                        Our LAST in-person Sacred Sunday!

Sacred Sunday - July 28th 10:00am -11:30am​​


Deeper Studies

Now is the time to embark on your spiritual journey. 

Embrace the yogic path to Self-realization and live the teachings through this six month personalized course. 

"This community is my true sanctuary and inspiration" - Ela


"This is a place to discover new ideas and have deep meaningful conversations" - Stacie

"Spiritual Living School has become my replacement for social media" Victoria


"The School has been fertile ground for awakening to a new level of awareness and compassion for myself "- Susie


We honor all truth seekers and devotees.
We honor every one of our human family.
We honor the divine spark in all.
Community means "doing the work together"

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