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Self Mastery Breakthrough

  • Six Month journey of Self discovery.

  • Explore the yogic roadmap to Self-mastery and higher living. 

  • Discover meaning to your life experience.

  • Establish a spiritual pathway that fits with your tendencies and core beliefs.

  • Reflect deeply to gain understanding of your spiritual potential.

  • Fill your practice toolbox with authentic techniques. 

  • Receive expert guidance through 12 personal consultations. 

The ancient philosophy of Yoga provides us with a clear pathway to realize the true nature of Self and a guidance system to strive towards higher consciousness. Yoga's true meaning, as we were taught, is divine union and our soul objective is Self realization. This is the highest quest for any spiritual seeker.  

The teachings offered in this program combined with our expert guidance allow you to live in harmony with your karma, experience higher states of being, and develop a robust spiritual life. You will engage in deep reflection, develop new awareness and make a bold attempt to breakthrough the ego's walls. 

Self mastery is a continuous process of the unraveling of all that separates us from our divine essence. You will gain the knowledge to fight the battle of life, develop healthy habits and get past the nagging feeling of separation from Spirit. Perhaps most importantly, living these teachings provides a deeper happiness in many people's lives.


Whether you are established in a religion or an independent seeker you will discover new possibilities of soul growth. 


If you are craving greater purpose, are willing to do inner work and spiritually curious, then this program is for you.

Six Month Course Includes

  • Online manual for each monthly module.

  • Library of audio practices and guided meditations.

  • Twelve, one one one consultations with Jenny and Steven.

  • Instruction on how to practice ancient meditation techniques.

  • Reflective practices and guidance on inner work.

  • Email/phone support throughout the course.

  • Membership of the online community.

Jenny and Steven have many years of experience in spiritual direction and guiding people in the context of their lives. They provide a step by step approach of compassionate listening and intuitive guidance to support you each step of the way. 

 Each of the consultations aims to address the key issues of your life and align your past, present and future with spiritual growth. You will complete this course with new perspectives and new purpose. 

We encourage those interested to request a discovery call to learn about all this course offers.

Module 1 - Discover the Purpose of Life

  • Bring Clarity to the deeper meaning of life and how spirituality fits into your search for happiness.

  • Explore finding purpose in outer as well as inner life.

  • Identify your current belief system and learn what every human desires so you can begin to deepen your understanding of the purpose of life.

  • Discover the reasons for human suffering and how it impacts your experience.

  • Learn and understand the difference between the ego vs. true Self so you can begin to lead with your true Self instead of the ego. Get in touch with your mental body and understand how it influences your decisions. 

  • Focus on new expansive language and metaphor for Spirit and work with ways to develop your personal relationship with the Divine.

Module 2 - Learn Classical Meditation

  • Learn an ancient classical meditation technique from the yogic tradition. 

  • Receive instruction and expert advice to deepen your meditation experience.

  • Discover the art of spiritual meditation the keys to inner communion with the Divine. 

  • Become familiar with Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga.

  • Uncover how meditation can change your brain and astral body to allow for health and states of higher consciousness.

  • Take a deep dive into the Three Stages of Meditation so you understand the purpose of each one and how to practice.

  • Discover how to overcome obstacles to Meditation so you know you are not the only one who struggles and you continue the practice despite the challenges.

Every Module includes two consultations to engage deeply with the area of focus.

Module 3 - Expanding Your Awareness

  • Learn and discern the Three Levels of Consciousness so you can identify where you are in your mind at any given time.

  • Discover and cultivate the Eight Manifestations of Superconsciousness so you can be in-tune with the Divine Spirit.

  • Learn specific yogic breathing techniques to gain control over the nervous system.

  • Implement practices of visualization, affirmation and prayer to support your spiritual practice. 

  • Explore the yoga philosophy of the gunas, three qualities in nature. Find practical applications to uplift your energy and mindset. 

  • Become familiar with your emotional life and learn techniques to increase your emotional intelligence that will enhance your relationships and help identify and let go of stored emotions. 

Module 4 - Chakras ~ Karmic Gateways to Happiness

  • Gain essential and detailed knowledge of the astral/energetic body, the function of the Chakras and gain valuable insight into your energetic health and spiritual well-being.

  • Discover your energetic patterns and blocks and channel this new knowing as opportunities. We provide the tools and guidance to work on your inner self, find opportunities for growth and break through ego's walls.

  • Unlock the hidden intuitive wisdom of the chakras as seeds of aspiration and dreams to be realized that provide a pathway for your spiritual life.

  • Learn healing tools for the chakras, how to utilize the natural elements and mantra for energetic healing. 

  • Begin to understand how the Law of Karma works and how it affects your magnetism.

Module 5 - The Yamas and Niymas - Ten Spiritual Laws

  • Develop your understanding of core yogic philosophy from a practical perspective.

  • Gain insight into the universal spiritual laws of living in harmony with the material and spiritual. 

  • Assess your current level of spiritual refinement and what is needed to make progress. 

  • Explore the yogic teachings of restraints (yamas) and observances (niyamas) with guided practices of reflection.

  • Implement the Ten spiritual laws for right living so you can expand your consciousness in the midst of daily life.

Module 6 - The Journey Home

  • Engage in our unique "reality check" reflective practice.

  • Develop a vision for the next chapter of the life you want to create.

  • Together we will develop a 21-day program for spiritual living, utilizing cutting edge practices for self-development. 

  • Tracking tools and strategies provided to help you stay on point with your goals and implement your training.

  • Move forward with confidence and clarity of the right path for spiritual living. 

Payment and Terms

This modular course is designed to be six-months long. In the event that a module takes longer than a month, we are happy to work with you at your pace and progress. The program includes an initial consult to optimize your experience, twelve virtual consultations, access to the course materials and email support during the entire program. All materials provided are yours to utilize. We are here for you throughout the program.

Deposit and Monthly Payments

  • Deposit - Non refundable -  $300

  • Monthly suggested payment $450 (includes two consultations and module materials).

  • Total suggested cost - $3,000

  • Spiritual Living School offers all its programs on gift economy. At completion of each module we send you a payment link. You decide on payment based on the value you gained from the module. We offer the gift of the teachings and in reciprocity you can return the gift in a way that works for you. 

Make your deposit today to begin your journey of Self mastery

Making a six-month commitment to Self mastery breakthrough is a lot to consider. Request a discovery session to learn more.

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