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Iceland - Touch of Light Retreat

July 6-13th, 2024

Rejuvenate body, mind and soul in the land of fire and ice with your guides Jenny Fairbank and Steven Ross

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Explore the majestic gifts that Iceland offers to leave you recharged and invigorated with space held in a way where you will feel grounded, centered and expansive. Get ready to be nourished on every level with yoga, reflective practices, peaceful meditations and mystical insights.


Jenny and Steven craft every session in a way that touches each person on a deep level.  Their joy is bringing people together in community where friendships will be formed, stories will be told and memories of a lifetime will go home with you.

Explore the Northern Iceland during the summer season which offers lush volcanic earth that is alive and blooming. The dramatic skies are filled with light providing a magnificent backdrop and other-wordly setting.


Begin each day with an integral practice rooted in connection to the Earth, natural energies and Spirit. With intentional yoga sequences, classical meditations, chants and connection.

During our week together, you’ll have the opportunity to ride the Icelandic horses, say hello to humpbacks that live in the fjord, enjoy the waterfalls and otherworldly landscapes and soak in volcanically heated mineral hot springs.

For more details and to reserve your spot visit: One Yoga Global - Iceland July 2024

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