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About Us

We seek to empower beings to awaken to their true Self

so that all can live from a high state of consciousness

Spiritual Living School is the realization of a longstanding vision held by Jenny Fairbank and Steven Ross - two friends, fellow devotees, and raja yoga teachers.

To hold sacred space and help to guide seekers on their spiritual journey with insight and compassion, and in so doing build a community for spiritual living. Where we can come to understand our own path and explore what it means to live into our true Self for the betterment of ourselves, our community, and the living world around us.


Our Story

First meeting almost twelve years ago, Jenny and Steven immediately connected - they are both dedicated raja yogis following the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Over the years, both Jenny and Steven have owned and operated yoga studios in the Austin area, held many events, and taught hundreds of classes and workshops. Both hold master's degrees, combining years of working with truth seekers with their own studies and practice. With some eclectic talents and backgrounds that makes this partnership dynamic and unique - and above all, compassionate and nurturing. They are both blessed to have loving partners and families who have been strong contributing forces throughout their journey.


After realizing that they had a shared long-term vision of building a spiritual community, they formed a partnership and are now embarking on this new venture; the Spiritual Living School.

The Spiritual Living School is a culmination of all the years of their dedicated study, practice, and teaching. They are thrilled to be manifesting this divinely inspired vision - to be able to offer you these services and spaces to explore your own journey in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment.

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