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Our Approach

Spiritual Living School is centered around Yoga philosophy as a roadmap to navigating daily life and to enhance the soul's journey. These universal teachings support you both as an individual being, and as an interconnected part of greater divine reality. 

"You are a drop in the ocean and the Ocean in a drop". Rumi

Core Teachings

  • Every human being is a unique expression of the one Infinite Spirit. This expression of Spirit is known as the true or higher Self. Every one of us has the potential to experience the Self through personal awakening. 

  • Divine consciousness binds us all together in unity and love, and is experienced as conscious joy or bliss, known as ananda.  

  • Each one of us has a lower self known as the ego, this is the psyche, habits and tendencies we carry during our lifetimes. The soul's attachment to the body forms the ego.

  • We embrace the perennial wisdom that is within all of the world religions. 

  • We honor the great saints, mystics, yogis and gurus who realized their divinity. 

  • Your path is yours to choose. We provide support and direction to deepen your path.

  • Life is a sacred experience and the spark of Spirit animates all creation.

Yoga Philosophy

  • Yoga's deepest meaning is union with God. The uniting of our little ego-self with the divine Self in deep meditation.

  • The root of our suffering is due to ignorance of our true Self. 

  • Every one of us is on a journey of awakening, either consciously through intent or unconsciously through life's natural unravelling. 

  • Raja yoga is a universal roadmap to higher unity awareness. Meditation is its central teaching. 

  • This philosophy allows everyone to cultivate and honor their personal relationship with God.

  • The Yoga tradition has pathways for devotional seekers, wisdom seekers and those who live by their actions. All seekers can be supported through the use of mantra, chanting and ritual.

  • The spiritual path is fully embodied through the artful practice of traditional hatha yoga. 

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