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Jenny Fairbank, MSW

Jenny offers her gifts as a compassionate therapeutic healer, spiritual counselor, and yoga teacher with almost 20 years on the yogic path. She holds a masters in social work from the University of Pittsburgh.  
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My Journey

My spiritual journey started when I was a young child growing up in Catholic school. I always felt a connection with Jesus and had my first deep experience of that connection one Sunday while attending mass with my family when I was just a child. The memory is very strong even today despite that it was only a tiny glimpse of the deepest feeling of love indescribable.  


After graduating from catholic high school, I attended a presbyterian college and studied public relations and social work. Searching for a deeper understanding of religion, I took a world religions class that opened me to new understandings of other cultures and ways of worshipping and knowing God. This stoked my fire of desire to find my true spiritual path. 


In my early 20s I stepped into my first yoga class. I fell in love with the practice and soon after took my first teacher training course. I began teaching and studying yoga philosophy. After some years, I felt a nudge to attend graduate school with the intention of becoming a yoga therapist. After graduating with my master's degree in social work I enrolled into Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy school. I studied the mind/body connection, specific techniques, meditation, and had some incredible direct experiences of communicating with the Divine. 

In 2009, my husband David and I moved to Austin, TX with the mission of starting my own business and private yoga therapy practice. We started Mind Body Yoga in 2010 and over the course of five years built a community of like-minded yogis, my private practice began to thrive, and even started a second business; Cornerstone Mindfulness. Cornerstone Mindfulness was a passion project that led to my teaching meditation and mindfulness practices to executives in the corporate world. Along with my business partner, we wrote two workbooks and developed an online training for executives. 

All along the way, I was getting deeper into meditation and the ancient yogic teachings. In 2014, I was gifted the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. I was immediately drawn to his teachings of self-realization and knew that I finally found what I had been searching for all of my life! Since then, I have been a dedicated disciple of Yogananda and was initiated as a kriyaban in 2017. 

Outside circumstances led to closing the Cornerstone Mindfulness business and focusing solely on my therapeutic private practice. My practice was thriving, and working from my home office was simple, however guided by the inspiration of Yogananda's teachings, my husband and I felt a calling to find land outside of Austin and start a retreat center. Sparing you the details, two months after we were initiated as kriyabans, my husband and I found our new home in Wimberley, TX on 100 acres of magical land and birthed Ruby Retreats. 

Now, I am very privileged to be working with the gifted Steven Ross. Together we are dedicated to guiding others to find their spiritual path, teach the Raja yoga way of awakening and how to live in spiritual harmony with the material world. 

Peace, love, and joy to you, 

~ Jenny ​



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